Brokerage Business Planning

RTC Consulting has provided operational benchmarking to hundreds of residential brokerage firms through our brokerage performance reports, as well as via in-person consultation.

How We Provide Brokerage Business Planning


Information from the client and develop an analysis tool.


The client’s results against their peer group to identify areas for improvement.


Financial, productivity and operational factors.


Trends in each area for the client compared to their peers.


A final report to a client with all results.

  • After collecting required information from a client, we will compare it to peer companies in our database. We have data on more than 450 brokerage firms in the United States and Canada that is refreshed quarterly.
  • We will prepare a report for our client and discuss the results personally with them.
  • The report identifies each area of revenue, cost and productivity as compared to peer companies. This analysis can be done by size of firm, business model or region.
  • We work with our client to highlight areas where the client is over or under the normal levels of revenues and expenses.
  • We work with our client to develop a plan for addressing these areas and how they can improve the value and the performance of their company.

How Do We Provide an Assessment?

  • First, we understand what the client’s objectives are in terms of having an assessment done of their operations and/or their staff.
  • We establish a process and a schedule which includes a financial review and interviews with the key staff of the company. Often, we also include interviews with sales agents in order to get a clearer picture of the firm.
  • We prepare a written report to the client with our findings and recommendations as well as set time for a discussion with the client and the appropriate executives of the client.

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