Residential Real Estate Brokerage Valuations

Understanding how value is created in a residential real estate brokerage firm is key to knowing where to invest. Over 4,000 brokerage companies have trusted RTC Consulting to perform valuations and assessments of their firms.

The Valuation Process

Determine the Why

Why do you want a brokerage valuation? We want to know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

Proposal Package

We provide a proposal that includes a confidentiality agreement and a checklist of information and documents we need for the valuation.

Getting Started

Once we collect the required information, it typically takes between 7 to 12 business days to complete the first draft of the report.


We spend time with you discussing, reviewing and refining the valuation.

Final Report

At your request, we prepare and deliver the final report.


The engagement is not complete when you receive the report. Our service includes consulting time which can be used to help you accomplish the purpose of the engagement.

What's Included In a Brokerage Valuation Report


A comprehensive fair market value narrative report.

Financial Analysis

Detailed financial analysis of the last 4 years.

Examine Factors

We examine numerous factors that can affect value. These may include location, size, brand, business model, operational trends, concentration of sales, comparables and more.


A benchmark report that scrubs up the performance of your firm with your peers.


Your valuation report comes with up to 4 hours of consulting time with our experts.

*While our specialty is residential real estate brokerage, we also perform a wide variety of valuations for affiliated services businesses like commercial, title and property management.

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