Scott Wright on M&A and brokerage valuation trends

Scott Wright joins Tracey Velt on the RealTrending podcast covering the upcoming Dealmakers Conference and discuss the importance of benchmarking data on brokerage operations, including trends they see in brokerage expenses, gross margin, and how firms are valued. They also explore innovative services brokers can adopt to enhance value, productivity, and recent market dynamics and M&A trends.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Real estate leaders can expect valuable M&A and business valuation content at the upcoming Dealmakers Conference.
  • Occupancy and personnel costs are the most significant expenses for brokerages, and reducing these costs can significantly impact profitability.
  • Brokers can boost their value by adding creative services, increasing productivity, and focusing on scale.
  • Teams can have value beyond a referral fee by developing business systems and focusing on equity value.
  • Benchmarking data is crucial for understanding how a brokerage performs relative to its peers.
  • Managing expenses is important, but recruiting and developing agents should be a priority for long-term success

This article originally appeared on HousingWire. Read it here.